Hero Pleasure Plus BS6 Scooter

Hero Pleasure Plus BS6 Scooter Details

  • The new Hero Pleasure Plus comes with a stylish exterior and a sturdy interior, so you can enjoy a trouble-free commute while looking classy at all times! The scooter is equipped with Hero’s Xsens technology which uses smart sensors to automatically detect different riding conditions. This, coupled with the air-cooled, four-stroke 110.9 cc engine, guarantees to make your ride pleasurable. Pleasure Plus was created keeping the rider’s comfort and convenience at the forefront, and it has a host of features that are a testament to this. To name a few, a mobile charging port for when you forget to put your phone on charge the previous night and have no time to waste to reach college, and a new analogue speedometer with a clean and refined look so you don’t get distracted while expertly maneuvering through jam-packed main roads to get to your office.
110cc Engine Power
90 mm Tubeless Tyre
155 mm Ground Clearance
130 mm Front Drum Break
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